BINAA, BINAA is a design and research studio founded by Burak Pekoglu, in 2012. The main focus of the studio is to generate content along with the themes of Building, Innovation, Arts and Architecture, with an exceptional cross disciplinary collaboration model, which is characterized by a strong reciprocal connection between Research, Design and Execution., Building, Innovation, Arts, Architecture, Research, Design, Execution, İstanbul

The infrastructures’ impact in the Hinterland of Turkey is being considered in the research by taking the city of Eskisehir as a regional model in-between the two polar cities, Istanbul and Ankara.

Eskisehir is a strategic node in the midst of Anatolian crossways. Marking its regional capacity with its historic, present and future concerns ties to a wider perception of scales. The research selectively captures materials to frame global thinking, which could relate to local issues and highlight their existing cultural and economical potentials. In this mediation infrastructural resolution becomes a key to visualize their spatial potentials.


The idea behind the conceptual framework is to thematically sort and visualize points of intensity as parts of a holistic understanding, so the new possible relations through considering the city as a continuous ground could be generated.

Urban Scale

The industrial site and the rail-yards physically divide the city in their East-West orientation. The urban development opportunity rises with the need of reorganizing the site’s surface due to increasing infrastructural needs. In my thesis, site becomes a testing ground to strategically redefine the city as a continuous means of physical and programmatic confluence.

Fictional Conclusion

The fictional conclusion is the consolidation of the rail-yard into a spine infrastructure that holds public programs, the new station and releases the land for real-estate densification by initiating contemporary art and culture related programs at the industrial site while becoming an urban landscape intervention.