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The Arc de Triomphé: World Institute for the Abolution of War, is a design project for the series of exhibitions by Krzysztof Wodiczko. The project is a response to changing realities and also a help to transform that reality.

“A ‘machine’ is attached to the symbolic skin or body of the Arc de Triomphe itself, which is purely ideological, a machine that perpetuates certain beliefs, so that the new spaces that surround the arch are designed to help to monitor, map, and alter changing realities, so there will be less conflict and less war. At the same time the Institute for the Abolution of War is designed to unpoison culture by studying the architecture that actually perpetuates this culture and introducing an analytical and critical aspect to the working memorial. The Project operates on two sites, attaching itself to the existing monument in a deconstructive way and at the same time engages a much broader reality of war in order to change it.”*

The aim of the structure is to elevate the visitors to the same height with the people carved on the monumental arch, therefore causing visitors to empathize with them, destroying their unreachable, inhumane monumental effect.

*"Realism as a Course of Life: A Conversation with Krzysztof Wodiczko." Realism 3 (2012): 8. Scapegoat. Web.